We are your neighborhood family-friendly restaurant. We have been opened for about 15 years now. If you're craving the flavors of China, Japan and Thailand, come visit Golden China Restaurant. Our experienced chefs create authentic dishes using only the freshest ingredients. We are open everyday of the week for lunch and dinner so come visit us!

We offer many vegetarian dishes on our menu. We also carry vegetarian beef and chicken. Our vegetarian meats are made from NON-GMO soy protein. Any beef or chicken dish on the menu can be substituted for vegetarian beef or chicken.

Healthier Menu
With the improving needs for a healthier self, we have adapted a healthier menu. We use only vegetable oil in our dishes. If you don't see an item on our menu, please ask. We will try to accommodate your dietary needs. Everything is made to order, so you may ask to include or omit any ingredient or seasoning. Most dishes on the menu can either be steamed with brown sauce on the side or stir-fried with a little bit of ginger and garlic. We also serve healthy BROWN RICE! Feel free to let us know any special instructions when ordering.